What is a blowout?

By this point, we are sure you are familiar with the term but what is a blowout? We like to think of it as the greatest trend of the last 100 years but in simple terms a blowout is the professional drying and styling of hair after a wash. We also believe that a blowout should last multiple days. We are providing a service to simplify your every day life, not just be there for big events, even though we want to be there for those too!


When you arrive at the salon, our receptionist will greet you, check you in and offer you a beverage, this most definitely includes champagne! Your individual stylist will take it from here taking you first to a blowout station for a brief consultation. During your consultation, you will decide what type of blowout you are looking for.


  • The [615] - a good ol’ southern blowout with attitude, or a traditional round brush blowout for a sleek look with some body.

  • The [212] - the flatiron district, or a round brush blowout followed by the use of a flatiron for long lasting straight hair.

  • The [305] - get your mermaid on, or a round brush blowout followed by long, loose waves using a curling iron or flatiron depending on which styling too your stylist thinks will best create the perfect wave in your hair.

  • The [310] - red carpet, babelicious curls, or a round brush blowout followed by the use of a curling iron to create full volume, big, beautiful curls.

  • The [214] - the blow it up-do, or a round brush blowout followed by the up-do or half up-do of your choice (additional cost).

  • The [747] - the jetsetter, or a round brush re-fluff and style without the wash, also known as a dry style.

  • Badass Braids - you can elect to just receive a braid instead of a wash and style blowout or you can have the braids added to your blowout (additional cost).

After you and your stylist have determined what you are looking for during your appointment you will head back to our relaxing wash room for a really good hair wash and conditioning. We do offer additional conditioning treatments and scalp massages as well!

After your wash, the fun begins. You will head back to the blowout station to begin your blowout. Your stylist may not immediately use the round brush as it is sometimes helpful to remove the excess water. While your stylist is performing your blowout be sure to let them know if anything isn’t feeling right. Don’t be afraid to let them know if the brush is ever too rough or the heat is ever too much.

The time that it will take for your stylist to complete your desired blowout is dependent on a few things. One, the speed of your stylist, everyone operates at a different speed! This is not an indication of skill level, just a variable in each individual! Two, the length and thickness of your hair and finally, the style you chose to receive!

When your stylist is wrapping up your blowout be sure to be honest about the final product. We want everyone to walk out feeling fabulous and happy with their hair, so we can make any changes you want while we will have you in the chair! Not enough volume? Not curly enough? Too curly? When we ask you if you like it, tell us the truth! We will not be offended, your happiness is our ultimate goal!

Once you are completely satisfied with your blowout, your stylist will walk you to the front and you will check out with our receptionist who greeted you at the beginning!


This is dependent on a few things but our blowouts are meant to LAST, typically anywhere from 3-5 days depending on your hair as well as your activity level. We can’t promise it will make it through a hot yoga class. We offer tips and tricks as well as products to help your blowout last, like Dry Shampoo and Dry House Scrunchies. Be sure to ask your stylist before you leave how to get the most out for your blowout.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this, we want to be there all of the time! A blowout does not have to be just for an event, we want to help you simplify your every day. Want to start your week off right? Come see us on Sunday (we are open 7 days a week) and don’t worry about having to do your hair Monday morning. Dinner with the girls? Come see us before and not only feel great all night, you don’t have to worry about your hair the next day when you are feeling that second bottle of wine you all shared. Getting married? We can handle that too. We offer group bookings, whether that be your big day and you want to treat your bridal party or you are looking for a unique way to treat your employees during a corporate event. You can come to us or we can come to you! It’s really all very simple. Email info@houseofblowouts.com for more information on group bookings.

Our motto at the Dry House is High Class Badass. A blowout is meant to make you feel your very best and we are happy to help everyone shine. We can’t wait to see you!