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All blowouts $45.
All the time.

The Dry House 212-Blowout Style.png

the [212]

the flatiron

The Dry House 310 Blowout Style

the [310]

red carpet
babelicious curls

The Dry House 615 Blowout Style

the [615]

good ol’ southern blowout
with attitude

The Dry House 214 Blowout Style

the [214]

the blow it up-do

The Dry House Jetsetter Style

the [737]

the jetsetter
round brush re-fluff w/o the wash

The Dry House 303 Blowout Style

the [305]

get your
mermaid on

The Dry House Bad Ass Braids Style

Bad Ass Braids


Blowout Series

3 for $125  |  5 for $205  |  10 for $400 | 20 for $760


Available Daily by Appointment Only

Full-Face $75  |  Eyes & Lashes $45  |  Just Eyes $35

Add Ons

30-Minute Olaplex Treatement - $50

A single ingredient chemistry, that is free of silicone or oils, that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before.

Scalp Massage - $10

A 10 minute relaxing scalp massage focusing on pressure points.

Conditioning Treatment - $20

A hair conditioning treatment applied during the shampoo before your blowout.



In the best interest of our customers, The Dry House must strictly enforce the following late policy.

If the client arrives 10 minutes past the scheduled appointment time, the appointment will be a Dry Style (no wash). If the client arrives 15 or more minutes past the scheduled appointment time, the appointment will be cancelled or rescheduled to another day or time depending on availability.